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Microsoft and SCRIM: A Powerful Combination

At Brennan, we’re experts in Microsoft technology. We saw an opportunity to help organisations use this technology to better protect their employees’ safety. With Microsoft Power Platform as its foundation, SCRIM provides a streamlined enterprise solution for companies looking to modernise their health and safety practices.

Built on the low-code Microsoft Power Platform, SCRIM allows users to leverage the power and scalability that comes with Microsoft technology. The system integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft applications, minimising the need for the complicated integrations often required with standalone safety software. 
Backed by the vision and power of the Microsoft’s Power Platform, SCRIM is a modern solution that offers advanced capability to digitalise and streamline health and safety procedures in the workplace. 

SCRIM provides a better user experience for your staff and easy access to 100+ health and safety reports and dashboards.

With the support of our foundation customers, SCRIM has been growing and evolving to become the mature, intuitive and intelligent product it is today.
“All of a sudden we could see everything, at any time in any area. There was no lengthy paper chase involved. SCRIM saved us time and gave us the visibility across the business we needed to mitigate risk and improve process.”
Chris Jessen, Group Safety Manager, Bradnam’s Windows & Doors.

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