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The new era of SCRIM

At Clade, we’ve been working closely with the Microsoft technology platform for more than a decade. We identified SCRIM as a solution aligned with our purpose and saw an opportunity to elevate the functionality and user experience of an already effective workplace health and safety management system.
SCRIM offers more than 40 modules to ensure you can manage health and safety procedures in the workplace, report and analyse hazards, incidents, injuries and risks. To ensure our technology, expertise and innovation focusses on what matters most, we regularly engage with customers to gain first hand insights and a valuable industry perspective. By combining these two viewpoints, we are able to constantly evolve SCRIM and continue to provide an effective workplace health and safety management system.

Backed by the vision and power of Microsoft’s Business Applications platform, and supported by Clade’s deep understanding of data management and analytics, SCRIM is a modern solution that offers advanced capability to digitalise and streamline health and safety procedures in the workplace. .

SCRIM provides a better user experience for your staff and easy access to 100+ health and safety reports and dashboards.

With the support of our foundation customers, SCRIM has been growing and evolving to become the mature, intuitive and intelligent product it is today. 

“All of a sudden we could see everything, at any time in any area. There was no lengthy paper chase involved. SCRIM saved us time and gave us the visibility across the business we needed to mitigate risk and improve process.”
Chris Jessen, Group Safety Manager, Bradnam’s Windows & Doors.

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